CityFilm Media Company

Headquartered in Amsterdam with regional offices in Dubai & Pretoria, CityFilm Media is Europe's market leader in creating destination campaigns. In partnership with the public and the private sector, our campaigns are resulting in high quality entertaining travel shows presented by national celebrities.

As part of a joint initiative of governmental organizations, the private sector and companies, selected partners will be part of a key network with a strong impact to promote a city or destination nationally and internationally.

In order to inform, attract & inspire domestic and international tourism, CityFilm develops a powerful multi-media platform and reaches millions of viewers by combining broadcasting on:

-webportals of CityFilm & Partners
-4 and 5 star hotel in-room television
-international airlines
-national television
-mobile phone, tablets
-social media

Tourism Concept

The destination campaign results in an entertaining, twenty-minute, high quality travel program. A local television personality informs the viewer on the finest a destination has to offer in terms of: Culture, Activities, Shopping and Wining & Dining. In addition to producing travel programs, CityFilm also provides spin-offs: separate, shorter videos and compilations of selected hotels and must-sees within the destination, offering an in- depth look into the different categories. Resulting in an extensive database of video footage, from which all partners benefit. To get an impression of the international programs that CityFilm produces, go to CityFilm Johannesburg or CityFilm Dubai.

CityFilm’s extensive multi-media mix reaches a wide audience, from wealthy tourists and business travelers to opinion formers and residents. This relevant audience is informed while:

- Researching a destination;
- En route to a destination;
- In the city or region;
- Departing from the city or region.

Business Concept

The business concept is the answer to the request of our national and international partners to complete the destination marketing process. 

The business program "CityBiz"or "Desitination in Business" completes the destination’s positioning by highlighting the business perspective. The programs are based upon the input of figureheads from business, politics and society. Together with Ministries, Chamber of Commerce, Investment Boards, Universities, Top Companies & Local Entrepreneurs, CityFilm creates sustainable destination campaigns to yearly promote the destination nationally and internationally towards a targeted and relevant audience.

Our goal is to create a joint initiative to improve the destination’s international image, in doing so facilitating partnerships, attracting investment and stimulating knowledge exchange. Besides exposure through CityFilm's multi-media mix, all content is made available free of copyright through Go to CityBiz Amsterdam to view an example.


In addition to the Business campaigns, CityFilm Media produces in depth documercials for selected partners. Find more content at Documercials Dubai and Documercials The Netherlands